Design School for Regenerating Earth

Regenerating the bioregions of Earth and building a planetary network of learning exchanges.

People all over the world are gathering to regenerate the Earth at the bioregional scale and organize into a planetary network of learning exchanges between landscapes. All of this is being done in service to the regeneration of the entire Planet.

The Design School for Regenerating Earth

When Joe Brewer wrote his book, The Design Pathway for Regenerating Earth, it was to show both the seriousness of the predicament we are in and to demonstrate that it really is possible to regenerate the Earth at the scales needed. The pathway he describes in the book is to organize ourselves around holistic, integrated landscapes known as bioregions, and connect those bioregions into a planetary network of learning exchanges.

Members of the Design School are working together on the ground in bioregions while simultaneously building a planetary network and community engaging in this kind of bioregional work. All of this enables focused actions to arise with clear design and intent so that we can effectively regenerate at the bioregional scale and create interactions and supports between and across bioregions.

The challenges humanity and the Earth are facing now are extremely complex and unlike anything that has come before in the history of the planet. In order to regenerate the Earth at the scales needed, we must consciously and intentionally evolve humanity into a "planetary species" and cooperate at unprecedented levels. Members of the Design School are choosing to step fully into this challenge and do what we can to embody and live out the design pathway for regenerating Earth.

Membership Includes...

1) Online learning journeys geared toward sharing and directly applying knowledge and skills to the work of organizing on the ground in our bioregions. We blend theory and practice and apply what we learn in the real world as we learn it.

2) Facilitated learning exchanges with bioregional organizers across our network. We offer live sessions geared toward optimizing learning exchanges, a dedicated space for sharing updates, stories, and events across bioregions, and a Resource Hub where members can find and share resources relevant to organizing on the ground.

3) Pathways to participate in "bioregional activations" and other activities in the bioregions of our network. Joe and Penny occasionally travel to a region of neighboring landscapes to help activate bioregional awareness, weave bioregional dialogues within and between landscapes, and provide shared language and shared tools & resources for organizing for regeneration at the landscape scale. Other organizers in the network are also learning to host their own bioregional activations.

4) Access to our Connection Center where we reflect with one another, connect, and cultivate our inner capacities for this work. You also have the opportunity to request to host activities yourself in this area of the school.

5) Meaningful connection and collaboration with like-hearted and like-minded peers from around the world.

Choose Your Level of Contribution

We offer various contribution options for membership in the Design School. All contribution levels get you the same access and benefits in the school. We offer monthly and annual payment options, with an 18% discount for annual. Please choose a contribution level that honestly reflects your capacity to give.

We have also created a scholarship fund to provide help for those who cannot afford the membership dues. If you have additional resources, please consider the Pay It Forward contribution option to help someone else join who wouldn't otherwise be able to join. Scroll right in the area where you choose your plan to find the Pay It Forward option.

Please email us at [email protected] if you'd like to gift your donation to a specific person or if you have any other special requests.

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“I call the transformed world toward which we can move ‘sustainable,’ by which I mean a great deal more than a world that merely sustains itself unchanged. I mean a world that evolves, as life on earth has evolved for three billion years, toward ever greater diversity, elegance, beauty, self-awareness, interrelationship, and spiritual realization.”

-Donella Meadows, Co-Author of the Limits to Growth Report